Hello, world!



Hi, this is a Valeriia from Canada.

This blog is my space, where I describe how I set myself goals and achieve them.

Also on this blog, I will talk about:

  • My methods of planning everything.
  • Materials for learning French.
  • Stories about my mistakes (because what are the successes without them, seriously).
  • And since I’m a very active person, I promise that after I’ve passed French it will come to my mind to learn or do something else (successful so that I’ll finally become rich).

Like any influencer ordinary person who has a blog I should tell you about myself. Other people will help me with this: for example, my boyfriend would describe me as a very smart girl, for a former psychologist I am a client with an anxiety disorder, for my mother - daughter, who family are very proud of, my grandmother would say that I am angel 😍, and the opinion of the others does not bother me (if it is not positive).

Up to grade 11 for my family, I was a lazy person who would be released from school with pity, even after a diploma with honors from a music school and high marks in final exams. I successfully got rid of all the complexes that the environment imposed on me. Looking back at my school years, I can say that I was not an assiduous child, which is probably why it seemed to everyone that I was not doing anything. In truth, I didn’t do anything, but what saved me was that I quickly memorized everything.

But at the university I had to:

  • Kill laziness;
  • Develop perseverance;
  • Learn how to prepare for oral exams according to some of my methods, which helped me took the highest score.

💞 Sounds like dumb Instagram ads, doesn’t it?

I would like my experience not to stay only with me, but, perhaps, to serve someone else. At the university, I was taught for five years how to manage a business, so almost five years after graduation, I decided to learn how to manage at least my life.

I will try to write posts here as much as possible. And I will publish notifications of new posts in the telegram channel.

In the telegram channel, you can also see photos of Canada (when I find time between work and home to look at Canada), shortcuts of blog posts, and small advice.

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Au revoir!