Creative ways to study



Time management is just one way to improve the quality of your learning. Of course, it helps you to allocate time for learning, but if the learning remains routine and boring, then there is a high probability that it will never become productive. Being creative can help you increase your productivity.

Advice on how to be creative in learning is difficult because this kind of expression is individual. However, here are some tips to help you be more creative with your learning.

Find what you like.

When memorizing new words and sentences, choose the one that interests you the most to remember. You can choose sentences where there are fewer unfamiliar words or, conversely, more. Work at a pace that you like and with what would be fun to learn.

Distribution of forces.

When dividing between memorization, reading, and writing, prioritize memorization. Learn new words when you are full of energy, and routine exercises or writing can be done when the energy is much less.

Be creative with routine tasks.

One of the most effective ways to learn new things is to leave a mark on your emotional memory.

  • For example, if you need to memorize the words of a certain topic, you can draw a small picture for each word or create a card, spending time on choosing a picture.
  • Boring lists with discourse words and expressions can be broken down into colored blocks, highlighting the blocks for the introduction, body of the story, and the conclusion.
  • When studying theory, create a mind map. Mind maps are charts that allow you to visually organize information. To create a mind map, I recommend Margin Note. It is an e-book reader that helps you create a mind map while reading a document. For simpler tasks, you can use free constructors from the Internet, for example, Venngage.

The most important thing is to love learning. Regular exercises with creative involvement in the process will definitely bring good results.

Good luck! 🖤